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3D Techniques

Lesson 3 in Environment Design

Lesson Information

Now you will come up with a new design brief, in order to create a painting using 3D techniques. Gaëlle will address how to source assets, import them into 3D software, and set up a scene. Once you've adjusted your camera, lighting and atmosphere, you will be ready to move onto rendering. 

A Certain Point of View

Use the Brief Builder to come up with a new concept, and gather any necessary reference. Then import a few assets from whichever 3D resource you choose, and try creating custom variations of those assets. 

Compose Yourself

Create three compositions with different focal lengths, lighting and effects. Then render your scene in Blender, even if you plan on using Octane in the next lesson. Finally, upload your renders to the Learn Squared homework gallery. 


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Lesson Plan

Homework can be cool.

Check out some of the amazing work 3D Techniques students have created by doing their homework.