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Each course contains several weeks of in-depth video tutorials, taught directly by an industry leading artist. Sign up any time and learn at your own pace!


Those looking to take their artistic careers to the next level can sign up for the Professional package for weekly one-on-one time with their instructor.


Students are encouraged to share their Homework in our exclusive members-only community, for live feedback from their peers and instructors.


Student Gallery

I started my career doing graphic design and a bit of motion on the side, soon I realised that I was enjoying my animation projects so much more than my design ones. I realised that there is so much more to learn in animation and thats where I wanted to spend all my time. I get bored really easily and saw that in motion design there would always be something new to learn or a new skill to master. I knew it would bring me the most joy in my career and now that I've totally devoted all my time to it I see that it was exactly the right move to make. I'm LOVING every part of it!

The animation on the left is the winner!
It seems so much more natural, the ball falls with the correct weight and moves smoothly along the "metal" stand.
The one on the right is much more static and the ball doesn't move along the stand it goes over the strokes.

Really nice and fast workflow for designing world.

I'm not sure if this is cheating, but I used 3D software to block out and to get a correct perspective following the line sketch, because I wasn't very comfortable with hand drawing perspectives. And the rest I just painted on top with photos and custom maps.

The best class I've ever had.

- Minhyung Chun

HW for Mind Mapping

1. Love this work by Blu.
An abstract and surprising stop motion illustration existing temporarily in the environment . I love the interaction between sound, place and drawing.

2. The animation on the left feels superior because it has life, movement and gravity.

A coastal city right before a storm.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Learn Squared?
Learn Squared is a new form of art education founded, curated and powered by industry-leading artists. 
We aim to demonstrate the idea that everybody starts somewhere.
When do classes start?

All courses are now in session, with new Guidance (tutorial) content releasing every Wednesday for 8 weeks. All previously completed courses are available on-demand with all lesson content available, so you can sign up at any time and learn at your own pace.

What do you mean by ‘a new form of art education?’
Each of our courses has not one, but two high-level professionals. You get to follow along as one industry-leading artist teaches another from a completely different field. You receive the same tutorials, the same information, and the same guidance.
Why would I want to watch somebody follow tutorials?
We’re not just showing you what we’ve learned - we’re showing you how we learn.
By taking an otherwise advanced artist and placing them in an unfamiliar field, they are now starting at square one.
What do the courses consist of?
Depending on your access level: Highly focused personal mentorship, in-depth video training, The Journey from each course’s Apprentice, access to view the week’s mentorship session, project files, and raw screen captures to download.
How long are the courses?
The duration of our courses vary greatly depending on the instructor and the content being covered, but students can generally expect between one and three hours of training per lesson.
Can I download the tutorials?
At this time you cannot download Learn Squared video tutorials. 
However, certain members will have access to a plethora of downloadable content including project files, raw screen captures, and more. 
Can I sign up any time?
Yes! Well, for Basic and Learn Squared plans, at least. 
Our Professional plan offers a highly personalized weekly mentorship with limited seats available. Due to the focused nature of this mentorship, sign-ups are only open for a limited time depending on our instructors' availability.
How do the mentorships work?
Learn Squared offers a highly focused personal mentorship with limited seats within each course. 
Students will meet with their instructors in a weekly live chat after completing the week’s lesson. The instructor will then review each student’s work and offer personalized critique via constructive advice, paintovers, and more.
Do you offer refunds?

If you're not completely satisfied with our service and community, we are able to offer a 100% refund to requests made within 24 hours of purchase. If you'd like to request a refund, please contact us.

Can I upgrade between packages?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time between packages for a prorated discount.

Do you offer any payment plans?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not support payment plans, but this is a highly-requested feature which we are actively looking into.

Can any level of student submit their homework?

Yes! We strongly encourage all students to submit their homework after completing each lesson. This will help every student, regardless of experience, to develop and grow as an artist based off the feedback of the community.