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Patrick O'Keefe has done everything in the entertainment industry from film and games to TV, comics and commercials. His style is bold, striking and incredibly evocative. Let's put it this way: when one of the leading art directors in the industry wants to teach you his craft, it would be wise to listen.
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Course Overview

Capture an entire story in a set of dynamic and energetic paintings. Sequence illustration is an invaluable skill in just about every visual field imaginable, from movies to video games to commercials, so you can't afford to sleep on this one. When you study under industry-leading art director Patrick O'Keefe, you'll learn all his tricks for quickly laying down compelling compositions, zeroing in with detail and color, then post-processing one gorgeous final piece. After you pass this course, you'll be wondering how you used to create art any other way.

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Software Used
Adobe Photoshop