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Building Blocks

Lesson 1 in 2D Sequence Illustration

Lesson Information

In this first Lesson, you will learn what makes a good sequence illustration. Patrick will begin by taking you through the key terms used when describing your art, as well as the tools you'll use to craft your scenes. Then you'll go through the underlying concepts involved in telling compelling stories with your images. Finally, you will build your own concept and gather reference material to begin your painting.

Reference Boards

Jump into the Brief Builder and craft your story concept, then begin collecting references which inspire you to tell that story. Create a minimum of three reference boards: one for mood/lighting, one for location and one for character.


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I was also wondering this,no sign of bonus content, it also didnt say I was 100 percent complete after I finished watching the first lesson, not that it matters but it would make me feel good haha

This is an awesome opportunity to learn on such stylish and graphical illustrations! I admired the style and graphic approach to the painting!

Simplicity is the best when it comes to both storytelling and painting! Thank you, learned a lot from just this lessons alone! Awesome work and teaching Patrick!

Hey Ruby, I thought Id help you out. Its not a tool, its just four categories of attributes that you pick from to define your project.
So for my project I pick Criminal Disaster Far Future and metropolis. Its literally just making those choices.
Review the video to see the full selection of choices you could choose from.


Lesson Plan