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Final Composite in Photoshop

Lesson 8 in Intro to 3D Concept Design

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Make your triumphant return to 2D! In this final lesson, Jama will teach you his best practices to composite, paint over, and add special effects to 3D renders in Photoshop. We'll conclude by reviewing all of the content and techniques you've learned to use in the future.


Using the knowledge you've learned throughout the course, create final portfolio pieces by building upon any of your frames from the previous lessons.


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Hi Timo, great mood in these and I agree with Bo's comments. I would also look at the depth of field that you use (especially in the first image), the mid ground mountain has blur only on the top and not on the bottom part, which creates a kind of tilt shift effect. You could use the depth map for the blur, this will give it a more realistic look. I would also make the character 'pop' a little bit more, some fog or atmosphere behind perhaps?
Keep up the great work!

Hey Timo, one thing that really stands out instantly is the reflections in the water and the color on them. Especially the 2nd one since its a clear lake. It is showing the forest HDRI, but the sky which you added in photoshop (probably) is an overcast cloudy sky. Try and use a HDRI that resembles the sky that you want to use for your final image more, you can still replace it in photoshop, but atleast your colors will match.

Hi jama, i have a couple of questions for you, if you can give me some answer it will be great.

1. What kind of computer do you have? like processor, ram & stuff... Your keyshot/3dcoat is verysmooth when i got some pretty crappy and laggy render. I will update mine, but wanted to know what kind of processor i should aim for.

2. Do you use 3DCoat as a Sketch tool as well? I mean really early sketches at the beginning of a project, when your client is not decided on what they want ? It seems really time consuming to do 3d + render + some paintover when it's super quick to do a loosy sketch

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Hey Maxeence,

thanks for your questions.

1. I have a very medium machine, nothing very crazy.
i have i7 processor and 32 gb of ram.

For Keyshot you need more CPU`s... cause it is cpu based renderer.

2. I always use 3dcoat as a sketching tool. Because you`ll get most of it if you start sketching in it. If you try to approach modelling in 3d-coat like in a traditional modelling software, you`ll get very frustrated.
I often sketch very rough geometry, then put a toon shader in Keyshot and present those ideas to clients.

Hope it all makes sense.
LEt me know if you have any questions

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