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Lesson 8

8. Final Composite in Photoshop

  • instructor

- Jama Jurabaev

  • apprentice

- Anthony Jones

Make your triumphant return to 2D! In this final lesson, Jama will teach you his best practices to composite, paint over, and add special effects to 3D renders in Photoshop. We'll conclude by reviewing all of the content and techniques you've learned to use in the future.



Using the knowledge you've learned throughout the course, create final portfolio pieces by building upon any of your frames from the previous lessons.

Student Gallery

Course is finaly completed. It was big amazing challenge for me. Thanks to Jama and Learnsquared for techniques and knowlege that i`ve learned!

Yay I finished the course! I couldn't upload the process here so you can find it on my Artstation. So nice to finally be able to create this image thanks to all the techniques of the course! I will be starting the Narrative Concept Art soon so i'll be back!

HD and process :

'Raven' VTOL Stealth Gunship. It carries dual railgun turrets and a conventional bombs for ground support missions.

I spent a good amount of time watching documentaries and reading up on several modern stealth aircraft to help make my intended design work.

I also took the time to design the interior of the cockpit, where one pilot can rest at a time and the location of the crew toilet. I also tried to put the 'Raven' in a location before vertical takeoff.

The various UI elements were made using wireframes of the sculpt. I had a lot of fun here, and there shall be more descriptions of each picture once I sort everything out on my Artstation.

A wholistic approach to education.

- Mohammed Thiam

Combining all the techniques I learnt throughout the course, I thought of doing a character piece rather than a landscape for a change. The idea was to imagine a character hooked into a worn out device which links her into a virtual dimension.

Lessons in this Course

Software Used: 
Adobe Photoshop CC 2015, 3D-Coat, Keyshot 5
Optional Software: 

Some after-Christmas practice of lessons 3 & 5. I push it a little bit above Sketch, as I wanted to 'remove-the-rust'.
I intend to use this X-wing as a part of a bigger peace, combining the knowledge from other lessons :)