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Smart Materials and Textures

Lesson 5 in Intro to 3D Concept Design

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The right textures can quickly introduce vibrancy and life to your sculptures. Learn Jama's workflow for preparing a model for texturing, and an introduction to smart materials. You'll learn various texture-painting techniques, and all you need to know about building custom materials.


Sculpt an object and apply the smart materials and texturing techniques covered in this lesson


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Hey guys, does anybody know how to make the vertex line tool follow my curved surface? I'm following the UV and texture painting basics course right now, trying to paint a straight line which would follow my cylinder's curved surface like Jama gets in his video but instead it cuts through the surface between each points of my line, it drives me nuts :)

Guys, how can I bring in the geometry into Keyshot with all the textures and materials I set in 3D-Coat. I try importing the .mtl file that is generated but I get an error. Any ideas?

Ive been having some technical problems when i try to paint texture on my model.

I created the initial models on the right, then used the instancer tool to create the poses/ guns on the left. while in the sculpt room, everything i do to one model affects the other instances just like it should, but when i decimate it down below 1,000,000 triangles and export it as an .obj file into the paint room the instances don't seem to be linked anymore. (when i paint on the T-pose on the right, the texture doesn't get painted on the posed versions like in Jama's demonstration)

Does anyone know if i am exporting the file incorrectly or how to correct this problem? Any tips would be greatly appreciated because I've been struggling with this issue all day and would just like to finish this weeks hw. Thanks!

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Hi guys. I'm able to pose instances of my mannequin like in Jama's demonstration. However when it comes time to texturing, what is the procedure? If i go straight into paint room I do not have any UVs set up? How do I solve this? I want to texture my character in a T pose but export the one i've already re-posed.

I'd really appreciate any response. Thanks,


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Yeah I'm running into the same issue, even after the extended demo. Jama, in your astronaut demo you're working with both instanced geometry and textures in the paint room, rather than just an unwrapped "paint object" obj like earler in the sessions.

How can you texture instances of models like that, and is it possible to re-pose a model once you've textured it?

Thanks a lot, totally loving all the course material!

Hello! I think you have missing a step, you have to export the scene first to and .Obj, then open a new document or file in 3Dcoat and don't pick Voxel, pick UVs painting surface or something like that in the options, and then open the .obj Scene that you exported before and 3dcoat will create the UVs for you, and all the mannequins will be there.

maybe a wierd question but i wont get the symmetry tool to work as it does for jama. i am only able to get it working like a mirror-copy-thingy. Have been looking through some of the earlier videos but with no success, what am i missing? my 3d-coat looks a little bit different than the one used in the video but havent had any problems until now. didnt find any worthwhile info when looking through the web....


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