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Lesson 5

5. Smart Materials and Textures

  • instructor

- Jama Jurabaev

  • apprentice

- Anthony Jones

The right textures can quickly introduce vibrancy and life to your sculptures. Learn Jama's workflow for preparing a model for texturing, and an introduction to smart materials. You'll learn various texture-painting techniques, and all you need to know about building custom materials.



Sculpt an object and apply the smart materials and texturing techniques covered in this lesson

Student Gallery

Rough sculpt and retopo of a delivery drone with a few hours work on texturing. I used some kitbashing models for the connection parts of the drone and container everything else is sculpted. Normal and displacement maps are painted and then rendered in Redshift. Attached a clay render to show what is modeled and what is painted in. No Photoshop.

Model was sculpted in Oculus Medium with some after touches and texturing in 3d coat

Homework for lesson 5. Texture and model in 3d coat
U can check out the video turnaround here

Starting to learn how to design character bust in 3dcoat. Really fun process, have to work a lot more on it tho. Paint room is amazing!

edit: adding new character!

Learn Squared was and is one of the best learning experiences I've taken.

- David Tilton

Concept Design: Abandoned Patrol Car at Lake Echo, Nova Scotia, 2076
3D-Coat, Photoshop, After Effects
Background Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

I met these creatures recently, they live in star-ocean and their job is to repair wounded stars. Tools used 3D-coat, Keyshot, Photshop

Lessons in this Course

Software Used: 
Adobe Photoshop CC 2015, 3D-Coat, Keyshot 5
Optional Software: 

Hey guys, does anybody know how to make the vertex line tool follow my curved surface? I'm following the UV and texture painting basics course right now, trying to paint a straight line which would follow my cylinder's curved surface like Jama gets in his video but instead it cuts through the surface between each points of my line, it drives me nuts :)

Looks like a genius cg club. Really cool

Hey guys, does anybody know how to quick select an object (The equivalent of hitting H on the sculpt room) in the paint room?