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Advanced Keyshot Techniques

Lesson 7 in Intro to 3D Concept Design

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In the final stage of the 3D workflow, Jama will show you how to set up production-ready render passes and settings. Using texture projection workflows, you'll learn to create unique designs for characters and environments.


Create at least two variations on an environment design with distinctly different moods


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Thanks Jama !
I've searched for a solution but havent really found one but smoothing the mesh a couple of times just works fine too yes and that stepping things is barely visible in the final image anyway so it doesn't really matter in the end I guess

Hey Steven,

almost all height maps have this stepping problem...
i mean i couldn`t find the way around it.
I would smooth my mesh few times to lose that effect.

Let me know if you find an answer for this problem:)

Hey Guys, I´m sorry I didn´t post for a long time so I thought I drop all the stuff that I did so far here in the Chat instead of uploading all the pictures in different channels. Hope this is ok. If not and it bothers you just tell me and I will delete it and put it on the correct channel.

Awesome Course so far I looove it!

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Hey guys, thanks a lot. I´m more than happy that you like the work :) The course is so damn awesome Jama! I think I never learned as much in an online course before! Really great!


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