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Organic Sculpting

Lesson 4 in Intro to 3D Concept Design

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Not just your food has to be organic - your sculpts can be too! Jama will teach you his process for sculpting creatures using voxel and surface modes in 3D-Coat. You will then learn several different approaches to sculpt a character in 3D, including curves, stencils, and more.


Set in an environment of your choice, create an organic sculpt using 3D-Coat


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I've been wanting to combine hardsurface and organic ever since I tried 3D Coat, it seems to be made for this sort of stuff. It's awesome to be able to make things that otherwise would have been completely impossible for me. It would have had to be some weird mixture of Modo and Zbrush and going backwards and forwards. This is so much better...

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Hahahaha, the one with the golem leaning forward and the guy just standing in front of him really made me laugh... can't imagine how that's going to end... :) Awesome work dude :)


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