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Lesson 6

6. Designing the Shot

  • instructor

- Jama Jurabaev

  • apprentice

- Anthony Jones

With the aid of 3D, Jama will explain the principles of basic cinematography and shot design. Here you'll learn to assemble a scene using all of the assets you've sculpted in 3D-Coat, and set up a final render in Keyshot 5 and Marmoset



Choose a scene from your favorite movie, analyze the lighting, and try your best to replicate the scene in 3D.

Student Gallery

Homework for the Week 6 "Designing the Shot". Picked some shots from the "Alien: Covenant" movie and tried to replicate it using 3D-coat for sculpt and Marmoset for lighting, animation and render. Also did some compositing in After Effects.

I finally had the time to finish the homework for Week 6!

I tried to replicate the last cutscene of Halo 4. I already started week 7 so see you soon :D

This Assignment forced me to analyze and learn from a film shot. Great Information! Had a great time doing this.

Top - 3D Coat Study
Bottom - Film Snapshot

Full Marmoset & AE Comped Turntable Available here!

A wholistic approach to education.

- Mohammed Thiam

"Wolfhill" A piece I really enjoyed creating. Combined with some painting tecniques in photoshop. Thank you Jama Jurabaev

i ried to copy the shot of the prometheus guy :)

I chose to do the sci-fi Anubis head from Stargate (1994). I sculpted the head from the shoulders up and gave it some displacement and colour maps in 3D Coat.

I attached some of the scenes from the film as well for reference. Please note that I had to use brighter screencaps from Google in certain areas. The third image features Horus/ eagle heads, but I substituted them for the model I sculpted to save time. After all, it's a lighting exercise.

Camera Animation


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Adobe Photoshop CC 2015, 3D-Coat, Keyshot 5
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