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Advanced Hardsurfaces

Lesson 3 in Intro to 3D Concept Design

Lesson Information

In this lesson Jama will show you how to sketch quick ideas in 3D-Coat using different hardsurface and array tools.


Focusing on a subject of your choice, design 3 or 4 unique hardsurface sketches in 3D-Coat


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Hi guys, for those who, like me, appreciate the beauty and simplicity of low-poly and/or sharp edges, 3d coat's retopo room can work like Zbrush's Zmodeler. Just watch this awesome video (it's translated) : Once you've finished your model ,you can click Bake- Retopo->per pixel and start painting it and rendering etc.. Just tried it with a -yes shitty I know- very simple geometry. Works like a charm.

For this lesson, I did a entire space mission design, first the space rocket gettin out of the earth, then, the spatial station, then the rover (who found something) and then the rocket to comeback. 3d coat, Keyshot, and Photoshop final overpainting.

Hi guys, I have issues with my resolutions here. I'm following step by step what Jama does in the first video of this course but my resolution is looking really bad. When I transform my geometry, I do click on global space so my cylinder edges should look good like in the video. And I don't understand why my cut offs aren't sharp and look at my radial extrusion here.... so frustrating. My cylinder isn't very big (69180 polycount X1), should I turn my density modulation factor to X2 or X3? If so, aren't we supposed to stay at X1? Thank you for your help guys :)

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Hey buddy...
Just a few thoughts ,hope that solve ur problem......just downres few times and smooth the mesh and up res again...then do all the extrude option...u will get clear cut off ... attached a screen cap check it out..


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