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Jama Jurabayev is as much an experience as he is a person and a creative. His instinctive approach to ideation and bringing concepts is symbiotically infused with a perpetual R&D phase where he will unlock the power of a tool and absorb it into his workflow. Working on some of the biggest titles in film Jama openly shares his knowledge and approach to his students ensuring they are Continuously staying sharp in order to deliver concepts at the highest level. Whatever the brief.
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Course Overview

Concept designer and matte painter Jama Jurabaev will teach you how to construct stunningly complex concept designs with a multitude of techniques. Learn alongside Jama's professional Apprentices as you develop various 2D and 3D skills to achieve professional-grade final renders.

Lesson Plan

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Software Used
Adobe Photoshop CC 2015, 3D-Coat, Keyshot 5
Optional Software