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Organic Sculpting

Lesson 4 in Intro to 3D Concept Design

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Not just your food has to be organic - your sculpts can be too! Jama will teach you his process for sculpting creatures using voxel and surface modes in 3D-Coat. You will then learn several different approaches to sculpt a character in 3D, including curves, stencils, and more.


Set in an environment of your choice, create an organic sculpt using 3D-Coat


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Awesome Przemyslaw, that helped a lot. At first I thought about trying to make Instance of the Curves but forgot about the mannequin. Now if it's possible to do Instance of the Curve it would be crazy haha. Thanks a lot man. :D

I made a "tutorial" for this technique. This video is SO BAD, and I feel shame because of this, buy hey, it's better than nothing. :P
I have absolutely no idea about video/screen recording, so maybe I will make a proper tutorial etc.

About technique:
You simply make an instance of your model/manequinn (you can choose it on the start screen), pose it, and make your design on the instance. You can manipulate it, add new parts of your model (as a child), and go crazy. That's simple.
I suggest to hide your second model when it's possible, for a better performence.


Dude... That's a genius idea... Thank you so much for sharing. Same principle as Jama's idea from last week about making an array and working on the instance. This thing has so many applications. Really clever idea... There must be even more uses for this stuff :) Thanks again dude.


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