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Advanced Hardsurfaces

Lesson 3 in Intro to 3D Concept Design

Lesson Information

In this lesson Jama will show you how to sketch quick ideas in 3D-Coat using different hardsurface and array tools.


Focusing on a subject of your choice, design 3 or 4 unique hardsurface sketches in 3D-Coat



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I'm working really hard on the full scene with hard and organic surfaces, using learned techniques and tools. But, well, I use them in my way.
Work in progress.
I made this cathedral (and render) in 3 hours so.. wow. I can't imagine making this in any other sorftware.

It will be whole image based on the one of my sketches from last month:

And ofc. it's heavily based on the novel ("Cathedral") of Polish writer Jacek Dukaj and partially on Simmons' Hyperion.

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