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2D and 3D Techniques

Lesson 1 in Intro to 3D Concept Design

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Deciding which dimension to work in is a tough choice. To start things off, Jama will walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of using 2D vs. 3D, and the power of combining them together. We will then do a tour of 3D-Coat, including the tools and workflow Jama uses to create concept sketches.


1. Starting from silhouttes, create a futuristic cityscape. Try using different shapes from study to build a nice variety creating your own unique shapes.

2. Take those unique shapes and paint height maps

3. Render and texture your setup in Keyshot


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Second One- Focused on shape, scale, and composition. Took much longer time in 3D coat experimenting with techniques to get interesting forms. Also spent a long time in Keyshot setting up the scene for the shot. I made a somewhat random scene then edited what was in the frame after setting up multiple cameras.

Hey guys, so i just started this class and I'm super excited about it but I have a question that hopefully someone will know the solution to. I keep getting these bumps over the surface of my models when I extrude them, and when i continue to stretch the buildings out to get some size variation it really distorts the polygons, Does anyone know why?


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Sathish Kumar, I tried that but for some reason it didn't do much, I Think it might be an issue with my stencils so I'm going to redo them and see if that works. Thanks for your reply though!


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