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2D and 3D Techniques

Lesson 1 in Intro to 3D Concept Design

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Deciding which dimension to work in is a tough choice. To start things off, Jama will walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of using 2D vs. 3D, and the power of combining them together. We will then do a tour of 3D-Coat, including the tools and workflow Jama uses to create concept sketches.


1. Starting from silhouttes, create a futuristic cityscape. Try using different shapes from study to build a nice variety creating your own unique shapes.

2. Take those unique shapes and paint height maps

3. Render and texture your setup in Keyshot


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Hi Jama,
Really enjoying the course so far. Do you have any thoughts on how to make more complex curved surfaces in 3D-Coat, or if it's simply better to use a different software for that?

It feels like 3D-Coat is super fast at making a certain shapes, anything you can do with cutting, booleans, extrusion etc., but less suitable when you get into that curvy sub-d territory. How do you prevent the software's bias from affecting your end design too much?


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Hi! I just started this course so I´m really behind everyone. Can I somehow make all new drawed object stay on grid? Now if i draw new object it just go higher and higher even I delete all objects what I have done before. Also did anyone else have problems to get stencils tiling away? For me it´s not just turn off in preview option. ( My english isn´t so great so I hope you did get a point.)

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Hi Joonas,
welcome mate!:)

To get all the objects in one plane you need to use 2d-paint.

Can you attach a screengrab with your stencil issue,
we will try to sort it out


Thank you Quoc and Jama! I tried posting it on your wall but I don't have that option to do so. I do have it posted on my wall if you would like to share it! Thanks again Jama for showing us the way of the dark side :)

Thanks Jama. I'll add more depth to it. I possibly should add a couple of silhouettes in the far distance too just to help with composition a bit more.

Cheers! And keep up the awesome work you're doing here. Learning a tonne. :)



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