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Lesson 4 of 4 Unreal Environments

Now you will polish the environments and shots you've created throughout the course. This not only means making them look prettier, but also making sure they perform well while the environment is being run in real-time. At the end of this lesson, you will have a completed 2D or video piece, as well as a playable environment.

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  • Extra Credit

    If you're looking for more of a challenge, try rendering out a video sequence of your scene as well. 

  • Share Your Work

    Upload an image of your finished environment shot using the 'Upload Homework' button above. If you created a video render as well, you can embed a Vimeo link. Let your instructor and fellow students see the result of all your hard work!

  • Let There Be Light

    Go back to your scene, and apply the new lighting and post-processing concepts you've learned. For the best results, keep color in mind while applying these effects as well.

  • Coming to Life

    If you're feeling truly confident, try incorporating a moving element, like sky, lighting, atmospherics, or even an animated character into your Extra Credit video sequence. 

  • Finalizing Your Scene

    Using everything you've learned, export a final image of one of your environments.

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