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Lesson 4 in Unreal Environments

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Now you will polish the environments and shots you've created throughout the course. This not only means making them look prettier, but also making sure they perform well while the environment is being run in real-time. At the end of this lesson, you will have a completed 2D or video piece, as well as a playable environment.

Let There Be Light

Go back to your scene, and apply the new lighting and post-processing concepts you've learned. For the best results, keep color in mind while applying these effects as well.

Finalizing Your Scene

Using everything you've learned, export a final image of one of your environments.

Extra Credit

If you're looking for more of a challenge, try rendering out a video sequence of your scene as well. 

Coming to Life

If you're feeling truly confident, try incorporating a moving element, like sky, lighting, atmospherics, or even an animated character into your Extra Credit video sequence. 

Share Your Work

Upload an image of your finished environment shot using the 'Upload Homework' button above. If you created a video render as well, you can embed a Vimeo link. Let your instructor and fellow students see the result of all your hard work!


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Really enjoying this course, it certainly doesn't hold your hand entirely, and some elements you will need to acquire yourself, but this is a great way to learn and build confidence in your Unreal abilities. The level of knowledge and info shared by these lessons is invaluable. Can't wait to show you what I've been working on!

Hi People,
I bumped into a strange bug at 4.27 - I just made a few new layers/materials for my landscape material and after I drew one of them - the part of the landscape stuck at this blank "loading" stage and nothing helps to fix it. I restarted UE4, drew, paint, sculpt on these areas - but it still doesn't update. What can I do with this?

UPDATE -Peeps on Ue4 FB group recommended reducing amount of textures and materials what I did - I deleted all unused materials layers and managed to come to 10 layers but still - that blank grey area is still there =(

The whole Learnsquared workshop is really helpful, watching it over and over. I just think that there should be more coverage about outputting Videos with Sequencer/RenderQeue. I'm having much trouble rendering out footages especially with certain animated materials, like fog planes, water or the cloud material from brushify. I guess Joe would be the only person who know how to go around these bugs.

Dear Joe, thanks for this awesome tutorial and sharing all your knowledge.
It is very precise and helpful. I really enjoy listening to your shared wisdom. I have one problem during setting up the street. The grass and flower are also popping up under the street. Is there a way to fix this or do i have to delete the flower manually? Thanks for your help. Best, Matthias

Hey Joe,

Just wanted to leave a comment and express how grateful I am for this course! Your instructions and explanations have been a breeze to follow, and I really appreciate the thought you've put into explaining the reasoning behind certain aesthetic decisions. As a photographer who has in the last few months tried to become more literate with 3D software, this course has made me feel really capable and independent.

Thank you for your work!

Hi Joe,

Is there a recommended limit to how many Layer Blends we can add to Brushify? I'm creating several new layers using Megascan surfaces and wanted to know if I should be wary of adding too many, in case of a performance hit or compile problems. I have 16 layers so far.


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