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City Design

Lesson 3 in Unreal Environments

Lesson Information

Now that you've created a natural environment, you'll learn how to quickly build a sprawling city. Blueprints, shaders and different kinds of set dressing can generate an incredible amount of variety in no time at all. You will finish by setting up a polished scene, which can either be turned into gameplay or a rendered image.

Kiss the Sky

Add a few buildings to your scene from the previous lesson. Try placing the most important buildings first, and then filling in the rest. 

Up on the Roof

Now that you've built a city in the previous exercise, choose one of its buildings and create a scene on the roof. If you're feeling confident, try modeling some props or even adding physics to your objects.

Share Your Work

Upload an image of your rooftop scene using the 'Upload Homework' button above, so your instructor and fellow students can see your progress!


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Should the M_MasterMaterial used in this video be available with the project files? I do see M_Foliage_Master and M_Grass_Master but I'm unable to find the specific material used in this lesson. Thanks!

Hi, you can load the Learn Squared project once, then it will appear in your library. However there is no way to get the Brushify packs into your vault unless you purchase those separately to the course.
Of course you can simply copy and paste the content folder into any future project you create. That does exactly the same thing as when you click 'add to project' in the epic launcher.

That's a paid plugin that I think Joe is using to do the timelapse sky animations in his scene. Unreal complains about missing plugins if they've been used in a project even if they're not required. You can choose to disable it and continue opening the project - there's a standard skydome set up in the environment.

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