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City Design

Lesson 3 of 4 Unreal Environments

Now that you've created a natural environment, you'll learn how to quickly build a sprawling city. Blueprints, shaders and different kinds of set dressing can generate an incredible amount of variety in no time at all. You will finish by setting up a polished scene, which can either be turned into gameplay or a rendered image.

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  • Kiss the Sky

    Add a few buildings to your scene from the previous lesson. Try placing the most important buildings first, and then filling in the rest. 

  • Up on the Roof

    Now that you've built a city in the previous exercise, choose one of its buildings and create a scene on the roof. If you're feeling confident, try modeling some props or even adding physics to your objects.

  • Share Your Work

    Upload an image of your rooftop scene using the 'Upload Homework' button above, so your instructor and fellow students can see your progress!

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