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Bringing it All Together

Lesson 6 in UI and Data Design for Film

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Give yourself a pat on the back for making it this far. Now it's time to reflect on your work, as Ash shows you how to make the finishing touches. You'll learn to evaluate a design from a bird's eye view, and make detailed final adjustments.



Create 2 - 4 more styleframes, based on the Golden Frames you created in the previous lesson.


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a few weeks ago I discovered this place and followed some twitch chats you had and inspiration struck hard :)
So I got creative and take 1-2 hours time after work to start and finish a project. This is what I created, I know it is not ace but since I want to finish a project per day I am happy with the result. Now I entered this lovely course and try to do it better with the tips and tricks shown here.

This project was done prior this course, using Affinity Designer for the patterns and Blender for the 3D setup and rendering, I hope you enjoy and might also have some crits.

When you import your illustrator object in cinema, it tend to import way off the center of the grid. To recenter it go to your menu bar choose character > commands > reset psr. You could also hit Shift+c wich bring up the a search bar and type " reset psr " you can from there drag it on your toolbar. It's a neat tips that save me a lot of trouble!

If you get lost in 3D in Cinema 4D while roving around in your scene - select the object you're trying to find and press "s" and it will centre you on it.

Also, if things are getting in your way (like the torus' were), in the "Basic" tab for that object you can set "Visible in editor" to "Off". Gets it out of the way in the viewport, but it's still there and affecting the scene, etc. Almost like a compositing tag for the object manager/viewport...

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