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UI and Data Design for Film

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- Ash Thorp

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- Maciej Kuciara

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- Stylow .

Starting from square one, veteran graphic designer Ash Thorp will show you how to create production-ready UI and data elements for Hollywood films. Learn alongside Ash's professional Apprentices as you journey from client brief, all the way to final render and professional presentation.

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UI and Data Design for Film

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- BrainchildTV

I've done a quick series of thumbnails just to sharp my eye for geometries, which is something totally new for me. I'll later on pick 3-4 of them to make the actual sketches.

Had a lot of fun with this lesson! While developing the assets and trying to find a cool visual language, I noticed that a lot of the smaller components reminded me of Asian characters. Being of Vietnamese descent, and wanting to discover more about my roots, I decided to use Chữ Nôm characters (the Chinese-derived alphabet used in Vietnam before French colonisation) as a base for my explorations and then expanding from there. Let me know what you think!

For this exercise, I'm thinking about combining interfaces and hard surface environment. I have for several days shuffled a concept for the hex object. I would like to create a concrete, clear subject. I don't only want to look at the graphical aspect, but work the meaning. So, I chose to tell the spatial waste around the earth. I have prepared a first model of the platform to work the idea of ​​visualization. There will be other elements.

Lessons in this Course

Software Used: 
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D Studio R16
Optional Software: 
Font Explorer, Mind Node, InDesign, Bridge 2015