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Organizing Your Assets

Lesson 3 in UI and Data Design for Film

Lesson Information

Here is where we will begin turning our sketches into digital imagery. Ash will show you how to set up grids and layout guides in a file of design assets to keep your work organized. We will then take our thumbnails from Lesson 1 and learn to interpret them as rough digital concepts.



1. Get familiar with Adobe Illustrator

2. Create 20 basic rough shape sketches

3. Build a library of 30 - 40 vector assets


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Hi guys, I just watch inspiring apprentice Maciej Kuciara journey with our fun yet talented Instructor Ash Thorp, in the video Maciej asked about how to make quarter circle, and remind me of alt tool for making quarter circle or even complex shape. I like to share this powerful tool: "Shape builder tool"[shift+M] for combining and subtracting multiple shape in fast way and give us an unique result.

first, select part to do the merge and subtract (can be multiple part), then select the tool [shift+M]
・shift + click for make the highlighted intersection become one object
・shift + click(drag) for merge multiple part
・alt/option + click to subtract/delete highlighted intersection
・alt/option + click(drag) for subtract multiple part.

※another tips:
ctrl+shift+h or cmd+shift+h for "hide the artboard", make all the grey area become white, bigger and look like infinite artboard.


One thing i guess is important to have clean repeatable brushes in illustrator is to first transform the arrwork to a repeat pattern then use as a brush. Class is awesome and i'm javing a good time doing the ui toolbox thanks Ash

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