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Lesson 2

2. Mind Mapping

  • instructor

- Ash Thorp

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- Maciej Kuciara

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  • learn squared

- Stylow .

Using references is sometimes a trickier process than it may seem. In this lesson, Ash will show when and where to pull references from, and how to best use them in your work with "mind mapping" techniques. From there, we will explore the daunting world of fonts, how to organize them, and why we choose them.



1. Collect 5 - 10 usable references and select the top 3 "muse" images

2. Find 3 - 4 fonts which fit the visual theme of your design

3. Experiment with Font Explorer (or alternative font organizer)

Student Gallery

I enjoyed the process of curating my references. Usually I pull references but never go back and remove the images that may not work or serve an actual purpose. I also liked the idea of splitting up the references between usable and muse.

Learn Squared is the vanguard in online education.

- Alejandro Robledo Mejia

Since I am on PC I do not have access to Font Explorer and instead used a piece of software I found called "Font Base." It appears to be nearly the exact same thing and I found it very helpful. I will definitely be implementing it into my future workflow.

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Software Used: 
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D Studio R16
Optional Software: 
Font Explorer, Mind Node, InDesign, Bridge 2015

Hi Ash,
you mentioned that you will post some suggestions for font books
Did i miss this?

figured it out.