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Mind Mapping

Lesson 2 in UI and Data Design for Film

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Using references is sometimes a trickier process than it may seem. In this lesson, Ash will show when and where to pull references from, and how to best use them in your work with "mind mapping" techniques. From there, we will explore the daunting world of fonts, how to organize them, and why we choose them.


1. Collect 5 - 10 usable references and select the top 3 "muse" images

2. Find 3 - 4 fonts which fit the visual theme of your design

3. Experiment with Font Explorer (or alternative font organizer)


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Crazy busy week with work, so I'm a bit late on the homework for week 2. MAN this was tough- finding usable images with concrete connections to the brief was really hard, let alone finding some fresh imagery that would push me outside of the ordinary content.

Locking down a font was relatively easy- I've had my eye on Bourgeois for a year or so since I used it on a previous project.

Seeing Maciej's use of mineral patterns (the name for that rock is totally slipping my mind right now) was super cool.

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I'm pretty sure Bourgeois is my go-to for now. I'm comfortable with the other options too, though.

Ash, you've mentioned that you custom build fonts occasionally- is this an appropriate place to run through your process? I can build all the letterforms I want in AI, but I never know how to package it all up into a functional font.

After class two I realized that this is built just like a classroom would be built and that's amazing. You expect us to learn and put that to an immediate use. This is just fantastic. So much better than just doing a tutorial! Thank you!

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