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Dissecting the Creative Brief

Lesson 1 in UI and Data Design for Film

Lesson Information

Starting with a client's creative brief, Ash will demonstrate his design habits from square one. We will practice pulling ideas from the mind and implementing them into artwork. Ash will document the journey from a small thumbnail sketch all the way to a complex final piece.


1. Based on the creative brief, create 3 - 5 thumbnail sketches

2. Collect 20 - 40 reference images

3. Create a Mind Map


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I always wanted to take that course, and now that I finally signed up, I´m absolutely blown away by the first lesson already. The level of professionalism shown here is just way beyond, and I already learned a ton in the first 40 min.

I´m so exited - and I just can´t hide it! :)

Apologies. I signed up for this class, and life took over for awhile. Im finally able to revisit, so ill be going through everything and try to ask any questions here.

Thanks Ash for sharing your wisdom. Case studies/workflow, and client interaction process is the best type of education thats missing from many education systems.

Looking forward to meeting everyone, and seeing some amazing work!

I'm feeling the class so far, looking forward to making this part of my process.
Also would it be possible to get specs for a Thumbnail Template in Photoshop.?
Nevermind I downloaded the wrong lesson files

Well..this is Something I hv been Totally unaware of ...Going through Brief ...Pulling out references....Organizing it....Man..this is So Fucking ...Pro...!! you haven't touched a Single button yet Taught a Ton !!!

Hi All,

I just went through the first lesson. This was a pleasant reminder of a process that has become somewhat intuitive over the is nice to look critically at the "ideation" processes that others use - even in different fields. This has reminded me that sometimes it is good to slow down and actually build a better foundation up front.....Thanks....looking forward to the rest of the course.

Hi all, I may be asking this late in the game, but I'm trying to determine if there is a schedule, here. Are there specific dates and times when we should be submitting homework, especially the times for live mentorship? It was my understanding that the courses would officially be starting in February, and I haven't received any kind of update or email since signing up except for the Privacy Policy Update. Just a little confused. Feels like I am now behind and missed some live mentorship dates while waiting to get some kind of schedule. I would appreciate some help to clear this up.

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Hi Dan,

Thanks for the reply! Thing is, I did sign up for package 3... do you happen to know if the dates come in by a separate email? I'll try to dig deeper and see if I can contact someone who can send me the information I need.

Thank you!

Hi Alisa,

I started the UI Class a Week ago and had the same issue on my mind.
Maciej told me that these dates are only of interest if you have the personal mentorship (that comes with package 3 for 1000$) included.
Otherwise all the content is there for us and we can schedule the lessons ourselves.
Have fun creating and don´t forget to share your homeworks. I just did that yesterday.


Hi Ash,
Thanks for the tutorial .
I wanna make a short film with those effects ,
facing the problem on creating those complex line+light ray effects and fluent camera movements,
I mostly used TRAPCODE PARTICULAR+FROM+3D STROKE+PLEXUS, But Cameras are harder to control in AE?

Is there any chance you can make a tutorial about making video scenes?


Lesson Plan