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Lesson 1

1. Dissecting the Creative Brief

  • instructor

- Ash Thorp

  • apprentice

- Maciej Kuciara

  • apprentice
  • learn squared

- Stylow .

Starting with a client's creative brief, Ash will demonstrate his design habits from square one. We will practice pulling ideas from the mind and implementing them into artwork. Ash will document the journey from a small thumbnail sketch all the way to a complex final piece.



1. Based on the creative brief, create 3 - 5 thumbnail sketches

2. Collect 20 - 40 reference images

3. Create a Mind Map

Student Gallery

Homework for section 01.

Creating the mind map really helped categorise thoughts into something physical and really helps speed up the process for reference collection. For the thumbnails i was thinking more about the form of the Hex Obj and the motion and form the obj could probably have. The last thumbnail was done as a revision and after watching maciej's journey inspired me to try his thumbnailing style and i really loved it.

My Homework for Week 1 - Dissecting the Creative Brief

In creating the mindmap, I found that I was most drawn to the abstractness of an object containing such a wide amount of information within a compact area. I tried to push questions that I could ask myself, in order to stay on track. I found the mind map to be a hugely helpful part of the process because I'm typically a bit more scatterbrained and get lost on many different tracks. Having all of my thoughts down in a concrete place really helped me self-critique and question whether my thumbnails were truly in line with the project goals.

A wholistic approach to education.

- Mohammed Thiam

I've done a quick series of thumbnails just to sharp my eye for geometries, which is something totally new for me. I'll later on pick 3-4 of them to make the actual sketches.

Lessons in this Course

Software Used: 
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D Studio R16
Optional Software: 
Font Explorer, Mind Node, InDesign, Bridge 2015

Thanks for creating the course. It was a pleasure to watch and learn from your experience

I always wanted to take that course, and now that I finally signed up, I´m absolutely blown away by the first lesson already. The level of professionalism shown here is just way beyond, and I already learned a ton in the first 40 min.

I´m so exited - and I just can´t hide it! :)

Apologies. I signed up for this class, and life took over for awhile. Im finally able to revisit, so ill be going through everything and try to ask any questions here.

Thanks Ash for sharing your wisdom. Case studies/workflow, and client interaction process is the best type of education thats missing from many education systems.

Looking forward to meeting everyone, and seeing some amazing work!