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The Golden Frame

Lesson 5 in UI and Data Design for Film

Lesson Information
Setting a benchmark for the visual theme of your project is a vital step of the process. Here, Ash will create the "Golden Frame," to which all the following frames will work toward. Learn what aspects to focus on, how to manage your time, and knowing when to move on to the next part of the design.



Create two Golden Frames based on the principles covered in this lesson.


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Do you have anything against using AE instead of PS for composite/lens fx/color/finishing/etc? I've been using Ps for decades but find it much easier to work in AE now and throw together comps quicker and easier. It's easy to create a hi res 16 bit comp and also activate a lot of plugins you may use down the line. Also, a plus is it may be animation ready if you continue with any style frames/concepts. I'm curious to know if this is a comfort and speed thing or a benefit of the tool? Loving everything so far man--great stuff and thank you for sharing your process :)

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