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Dissecting the Creative Brief

Lesson 1 in UI and Data Design for Film

Lesson Information

Starting with a client's creative brief, Ash will demonstrate his design habits from square one. We will practice pulling ideas from the mind and implementing them into artwork. Ash will document the journey from a small thumbnail sketch all the way to a complex final piece.


1. Based on the creative brief, create 3 - 5 thumbnail sketches

2. Collect 20 - 40 reference images

3. Create a Mind Map


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Thank you so much for the insightful perspective into your design process, since that was kind of really rather lovely to witness and observe. Its seems like this is going to become a really exhilarating project, and I look forward to diving in!

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Yup! That is it :) Maciej uses it for his class and its a really nice, clean, simple program if you don't have Bridge. Thank you for sharing the link with everyone!


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