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Dissecting the Creative Brief

Lesson 1 in UI and Data Design for Film

Lesson Information

Starting with a client's creative brief, Ash will demonstrate his design habits from square one. We will practice pulling ideas from the mind and implementing them into artwork. Ash will document the journey from a small thumbnail sketch all the way to a complex final piece.


1. Based on the creative brief, create 3 - 5 thumbnail sketches

2. Collect 20 - 40 reference images

3. Create a Mind Map


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Hey Diogo! I think the thumbnails are about quickly sketching some general compositions for your frames more than any functional aspect of the design. That doesn't mean you just forget about everything else, instead you take the keywords and references to feed your mind for the process. You probably shouldn't worry about defining every element at this point; and rather focus trying to find an "intention" with every frame.

This is the way I see it, hope it helps you.

Wonderful! Thank you for sharing this with everyone. I know that Maciej has been using to mimic the same output as mind node. You can use anything really though. The key is dissecting the brief and creating words on paper or screen that cluster and keep you focused and motivated moving forward.

Thanks Arian!

XMind is also available to OS X users.
For the messy types, it might be a good idea to use mind mapping software. I took some notes with a pen and a notebook and one accidental swipe ripped some good paper up. Having everything organized in a computer might prove useful!

Sure thing! Be sure to focus on these lessons as everything I do is based on a process. It will start to ramp up and get much more complex as things continue :) Wishing you the best of luck and thank you so much for being apart of the L2 family!

Hey all,

Really excited to begin the course, looking forward to learning and developing with you all. For those of you with an iOS device, I came across an app called MindLine that seems to have a very similar set of functions to MindNode from the looks of it-- and it's free. Seems like a viable alternative, hope someone finds that useful!

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Really excited to see this course develop! I was wondering how much music plays a role in creating thumbnails or the early stages of development. For example, Ash talks a bit about how he chose the tonality for The Incept. Is it necessary to think about these other components early on or is it more of a hinderance to the exploratory phase?

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Thanks for sharing Christopher :)
I second Christpher and Ash. When i need energy (for brainstorm process for example), I listen to something that hit me hard, to fire those synapses. Listening to faster paced music increases your heartbeat, allowing better blood circulation. I'm conciously making few deep breathes to allow more oxygen intake, and sometimes eat sweets to up that glucose level, feeding brain.
When i'm focusing more on design, I would just pick my beloved tracks which im familiar with, and get me relaxed, to feel good flow.

BTW Dan thats some good thoughts, got me thinking as i haven't thought about it myself. That can allow to even more immerse in subject, and kinda feel interaction. Thanks for inspiring my imagination!

I can second Ash's comment. I personally find it helpful to play something that gives me the energy i'm looking for when making something. (Or at the very least isolate me from the conversations happening around my desk so I can focus) A couple coworkers and I built a collaborative playlist on spotify where we share tracks for grinding pixels while we work. I made a copy here that anyone is welcome to listen/add tracks to if you're in need of some background while you sketch. :)

Hey Kevin, I am usually always listening to something... music, films, commentaries, podcasts. I think with this class I am listening to a wide mix of things depending on what I am doing and what I am building. I like listening to lots of soundtracks and classical remastered works as I build. If I need energy and a boost I put on EDM or Heavy metal type of stuff. I just base it on what I need to build and the feeling it is giving me. I set the soundtrack to that and move forward.

hey Kevin, I'll treat this as an open question to the community, as I want to know what others think! I think that imagining different types of feedback from a UI is brilliant! What types of sounds/visuals accompany a command that the UI cannot complete? How does a completed operation notify the user that the operation was completed successfully? You've given me some things to think about. In the off chance that my reply had nothing to do with your question, did you mean what role does music play in one of our (and Ash's) process?


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