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Lights, Camera, Action!

Lesson 6 in Futuristic Character Design

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Making a great design is one thing. Selling it is an entirely different story. In this lesson, you will Learn how to finesse your design with great composition and lighting. Maciej will also explore how the pipeline discussed thus far will help you create high quality iterations in no time.


Create 3 different lighting setups and camera compositions to present your character.


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another Question about corona if you dont mind, so im trying to find some way to create some lighting effects like the ones you use with octane post processing. i cant find anything similar in corona and the built in 3ds max environment lighting effects option is also not supported by corona so when i apply those to a light it wont let me render in corona.

any tips or suggestions on the post processing lighting effects with corona? thanks :)

Ye you need to set up shader after import cuz only textures (if im not wrong) are imported not shader parameters. So I found here on corona site little guide for setting up skin shader/ wax / juice. Just scroll down and you will have viewport screenshots and examples.


Just make skin material and then replug those textures to the material that you just made :) Hope that helps :)

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