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Choosing the Right Path

Lesson 1 in Futuristic Character Design

Lesson Information

Starting with a sample creative brief and reference collection, Maciej will walk you through the early stages of a futuristic character design, including project-planning and software choices. You will learn his process for creating thumbnails from shapes, form, and lighting, as well as iterating on initial designs.


Limiting yourself to 20-30 minutes per piece, create 4 - 12 unique thumbnail sketches. Using the methods covered in the Sketching Techniques chapter, elaborate on your favorite sketch by adding more detail.


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Thanks a lot for amazing feedback guys!! Keep conversation going, I can't wait to check your works on forums too! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND everyone taking this course to use community to post your progress and help each other out. We not only want to inspire you to work and keep working, but also help students inspire and help each other - in short build great community and family of Learn Squared.

We'll be rewarding active, helpful and awesome people with awesomeness :) We have great things that we're currently developing that will blow your minds (it blows my mind to say at least, so i hope these things will have same magnitude on yourself:)

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Harwan, yea, group masks allow me to paint freely without being worried to constrict brush strokes within frames. Ctrl+G on selected layers group them together, then you make selection (marquee tool or lasso tool, whichever works best for you) and click Add Layer Mask at the bottom of Layers stack


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