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Minimum Viable Concept

Lesson 2 in Futuristic Character Design

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By building upon your thumbnail sketches, you'll be able to make complicated choices with little consequence. Maciej will show you his best practices for honing in on a preliminary idea with very little time invested.


Experiment using the techniques you've learned to create at least 1 minimum viable concept.


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If I decide to spend another $100 on some gumroad videos please stop me. I need to spend it on accessing the squared level of this course to access @maciejkuciara raw footage. With AJs Painting course, the raw footage so far does not look so important compared to this course because of my zero photo bashing experience and because its easy to follow along painting as apposed to the various techniques that I see in video 2 of week 2. I suggest keeping this in mind Maciej, I know its not possible to have more accessible content for all because of video length, but it appears that I am missing heaps of info by only watching your videos sped up (week 2). :simple_smile:

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Awesome, I look forward to it.

When adding images to PureRef, are you pre sizing your images in Photoshop so they all occupy the same size?

When I drag mine off of my computer they are coming in as original sizes , or are you arranging them inside of Pureref?

That tutorial has tons of points that will intersect and supplement this Lesson. Over time the way I think about photobashing changes however, even tho most of techniques remain the same. I haven't watched that tutorial for long time now so honestly I forgot what I'm even saying in there :)

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