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The Simplicity of Complexity

Lesson 3 in Futuristic Character Design

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It's possible to create complex designs using some of the most primitive objects, and Maciej is going to show you how. By using 3D modeling tools, we will dive into making design choices on top of a posed character. We'll also draw quick notes on top of our 3D sketches to solve possible problems before they become roadblocks.


Take a screenshot of your work and pull out the design by doing a paintover. This will assist you as a reference blueprint for the future lessons.


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Hey Maciej, I realized exporting pose animation as fbx format from DAZ, it loses all the slight body shape pose morph that DAZ gives to the figure model (like pinching of joint or some adjustment happens on shoulder, some knee joints etc). I looked at your video closely, and those morphs were gone in your video too.

If those morphs are gone anyways, I figured out by turning off "morph" on fbx export set up, genesis 3 models are able to export with all the animations.

And one more thing, make sure to set the parameters for "genesis 3 female" item "0". Some poses with rotation or anything with entire figure item causes problem for Genesis 3 exporting

Has anyone tried to export from DAZ to Cinema 4D? It seems that if I export FBX or OBJ I don't have skin bump maps or another texture that the albedo. I bought the Victoria 7 which includes it all (Bump, Normal, Specular, Transparency and Reflection Map)

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Some students reported FBX export issue. I did some troubleshooting and here's what I found:
1. Genesis3 model (and likely V7) are not exporting FBX properly. The only work-around is OBJ export of T-Pose and Posed character.
2. Genesis2 export to FBX works fine (like in pre-recorded tools video).

I will be investigating more to find if anyone else found solution for FBX issues with newest DAZ characters. For now, those who want to use them, please use OBJ export instead.

Maybe this is useful for someone: I was 5 hours fighting with Daz and Maya. Finally I got the model with the animation correctly exported, textures, etc
I added to this workflow zbrush. ( sorry Maciej :P) I did the dreadlocks in Zbrush, I painted the textures in Photoshop to do the make up and the dark/violet lips. I cant move the dreadlocks (its a block) :( But It´s joined to the bone so if I move the head, the hair moves too.
I´m using Maya so Zbrush is useful to do small parts. I wonder if I will have problems with the hair in the animation...
My other fear is about the armour. My character doesnt have one, but I will have a lot of work with the guns in zbrush trying to imitate a futuristic glock, do the dreadlocks, and the details in the face. Btw, Someone is using Maya?

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