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Power of Fusion

Lesson 4 in Futuristic Character Design

Lesson Information

Maciej will show you how to take your 3D sketch from the previous lesson to the next level using Fusion 360. You will also learn some kitbashing do’s and don’ts when it comes to testing your initial designs, by creating simple lighting keyframes.


Take the 3D model you have created and build additional assets using Fusion 360. Then, in your 3D software of choice, import those assets and build a quick lighting setup utilizing different camera angles.


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I have a question about exporting files from Fusion 360,
Some of the details completely disappear when I export it as an .iges file, i'm not sure if I missed something along the way?

Stupid question : as a cinema4d and maya user can you please maybe point a good ressource or explain how to setup a material for octane in 3Dsmax as i think this is kind of lacking in your videos. There is quite a lot of tutorials for CD4D but not for Maya/3ds Max

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Maciej, about your use of Fusion360, i think another powerful advantage of it is to create moving parts or mechanical interconnects - how parts close/connect on one another etc. did you ever use it? it seems that in fusion360 its awesome but when you export back to 3Ds MAX or similar it may be screwed up. never tried it, about to this week :)

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