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Pushing the Limits

Lesson 5 in Futuristic Character Design

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Unfinished designs and missing details can easily break the impression of high quality. While continuing working with Fusion 360, Maciej will discuss the rewards and pitfalls of pushing the limits of your designs. We will also explore how Marvelous Designer can simplify your creation process and save you time in the long run.


Create a weapon for your character by using an existing design (IGS). Assemble all of 3D assets in your final 3D composition.


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Maciej, are you still supporting this course ( I know it's very dated) ? I've hit a really frustrating wall with materials not transferring from DAZ to 3DS. For whatever reason they appear as solid black and the bitmaps wont load (they are also blacked out). Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Maciej! In Marvelous Designer, if you go to "Preferences > Gizmo > World Coordinates", it will make much easier to move the patterns on the 3D view! Don't know if you already figured out (just starting to watch the lesson).. anyway, thanks for sharing!

Small question, I think I just missed something along the way; can't find a solution online haha so it's probably trivial
I am in MD; I finished making the garment, but it doesn't follow the figure in animation. The garment stays in T-pose position, whereas the figure animates perfectly fine ?

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Does anyone have issues when trying to get their model to animate from t-pose to specified pose in DM? I used a Genesis 3 model with some morphs. The animation works fine in Daz, but doesn't do anything in DM. It remains at t-pose, but the frames 0-30 are still running without animation?? Also @Sergei- I just clicked and dragged files you're talking about onto the character view port in DM and it worked for me. I don't have the upper right setup either that Maciej has.

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Ah, thanks Maciej. I have had problems with exporting with FBX before, but mostly into Modo (everything comes out deformed- think T-1000 at end scene in T2 haha) so figured it might be something along those lines. Will stick to genesis 2!

ps Collada format was the same with me for genesis 3.

Hey Anthony, genesis 3 and v7 unfortunately dont export well with animations (a lot of students couldnt export correctly via FBX but had some better success with collada format). For course workflow I suggest using genesis 2 model instead.

k guys & girls,

i dont know if you have any problems or what but here is the workflow i found to be working without issues:

there is a good tutorial about MAX to MD and back :

i use opencollada that needs to be used as a plugin for MAX you can find it here and the instructions on how to are in the youtube video :

1. setup my animation in DAZ and save as FBX (FYI some hand modifiers are screwed up so if hands come out screwed dont use some of the hand modifiers)
2. import FBX to MAX and save as MAX file.
3. select the figure object and do export as opencollada.
4. add a modifier to the body - Point Cache. click new and chose a name for it make sure its PC2. click record - it records the animation of the body into that small PC2 file.
5. now in MD - import the opencollada file. sometimes its enough and has the animation in it already. if you go to animation and there is no stream there just do another import . import point cache 2 file. this should give you the animation.
6. do the garmet, animate and record.
7. export OBJ and then export point cache 2 file too.
8. in MAX import OBJ, when you import make sure you UNCLICK "impornt as single mesh" and " import as editable poly".
9. add a point cache modifier to it > load in the the point cahce 2 file you saved in MD and thats it.
10. sometimes the OBJ from MD will not fit scalewise to the fig just scale down.

i found this to be working consistently without issues, giving you everything animated in 1 file. hope it helps the people that struggled with this issue, if you dont have any problems well lucky you :)

k so the issue was when you import your figure/ avatar what ever scale you chose it has to fit the standard avatar size, to be sure you can leave the standard cloths that appear when you open MD and then import and by size comparison you will see if its right or not. usually auto scale works good.

that being said, no matter what i do i cant export animation of the garmet back to max. i tried several things.

1. export a working FBX from MAX > work on that > export FBX back to MAX - either model doesnt import corretly or no animation movement.
2. i installed OPEN collada - thats a diff way to export out of MD that is supposed to work with MAX, you export the garmet as OBJ and separately export the animation as a cache file. import back to MAX the OBJ, apply a point cache modifier on it and add the cache animation file to it. sometimes the garmet impornt big and you have to re size it but it works like 20% of the time- 80% it doesnt, stil ldont know why perhaps something to do with smoothing groups or coordinates.
3. export a working FBX from DAZ > work on that in MD > export to MAX. the model imports good to MD but the animation is not working.
4. the export as OBJ without animation works fine - but i think it kind of misses the big advantage of having the animation for multiple poses.

if any 1 found a good workflow that works consistently that would be awesome.

quick question,, about outfit /clothing in general. if its anything more elaborate than cloth are you still sticking to marvelous designer? i had some trouble figuring out how to do more solid assets like lets say army type vest or just straps in general in it. think zbrush offers better option any thoughts / suggestions?


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you need to import shape that you can then wrap cloth around. for instance if you want to have military vest, you would make cevlar pieces first and then wrap cloth around it. I never tried it personally, but thats how I would approach it.

Hi emmanuel, for zipper - I would do it inside Zbrush or paint it in or use other 3d software for it. As far as I'm aware MD doesnt have zippers.
RE: illustrator to MD. I think that's a feature that they're working on but is not implemented yet. I would love to have that too :)

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