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2D Techniques

Lesson 2 of 4 Environment Design

In this lesson you will finish your 2D painting. Gaëlle will go into specifics about the various techniques for cleaning, masking and integrating photos into your artwork. You will use these photobashing methods to help bring your image to its final, polished state. 

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  • Putting on the Mask

    Practice masking by finding a few photos online and separating elements from the rest of the image. Try to mask out objects of varying complexity, from buildings and rocks to clouds and trees. 

  • Frankenstein's Montage

    Select some good photos for your environment, then prepare, grade, and integrate them into your composition sketch. Repeat this process step-by-step to bring life to your world. Don't worry about fully finalizing yet- that will come later in the lesson. 

  • Last Looks

    Add any final touches that might push your image to its highest possible quality level. Always keep composition and storytelling in mind while adding or changing details. Then upload your finished image to the Learn Squared homework gallery. 

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