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Balancing the Scene

Lesson 5 in Visual Storytelling

Lesson Information

In this lesson, you will finish your final paintings. Using the 3D environment you've built, you will now photobash and paint your most complex scenes. Romain will also go through post-processing concepts, and show you how to balance all your scenes together from a bird's-eye view. At the end of this lesson, all of your paintings will be complete.

Bring It All Together

Using your 3D render as a base, begin photobashing to add the major elements into your scene. Don't worry too much about the small details yet. 

Make It Shine

Now that you have a photobash to work with, begin adding in details and blending everything together. This is going to be your most complex painting, so don't worry if it takes more time than the others to complete. 

Parts of the Whole

Once you have all your paintings finished, prepare a Contact Sheet Storyboard. You can use this as a final method of checking that everything feels unified. Then upload your individual images, as well as your Contact Sheet Storyboard, to the Learn Squared homework gallery.


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