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Lesson 3 in Visual Storytelling

Lesson Information

Now it's time to bring everything into Photoshop. You'll integrate your 3D model with various photobashing, texturing, lighting and painting techniques to give it a much higher level of detail. The rest of your scene will be constructed using these same methods to bring everything to the same quality standard. By the end of this lesson, all your images without 3D backgrounds will be complete. 

Let's Bash

Begin working on your image by photobashing the major elements into your scene. Don't worry about adding too many details at this stage.

Pencils Down

Use all the techniques you've learned to complete your painting. Repeat this lesson's two homework assignments for each painting which wouldn't require a 3D environment - those more complex scenes will be covered in the next lessons. 

All your paintings with simple backgrounds should be finished before moving on to the next lesson. 


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