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Building Props

Lesson 2 in Visual Storytelling

Lesson Information

In order to save time in the painting process, you'll create your scene's main props in 3D. Romain will show you various blocking and texturing techniques, as well as more advanced concepts like simulating cloth and complex shapes. After everything is complete, you will render images to bring into Photoshop. 

From the Ground Up

Using all the techniques you've learned, build whichever 3D props are required for your scene. If your story requires a full 3D environment, don't worry about that yet. Romain will cover 3D environments in the later lessons. 

Say Cheese

Set up the lighting and camera for your 3D objects, and then render out the images you'll use in your paintings in the next lesson. Don't forget to upload your renders to the Learn Squared homework gallery as well.


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