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Telling a Story

Lesson 1 in Visual Storytelling

Lesson Information

This lesson will take you through the initial ideation process, helping you to find the main concept for your story. You'll gather references, sketch out various ideas, and finally create a set of thumbnails which will guide your paintings as you continue forward. 

Who Tells Your Story?

Use the Brief Builder app ( to come up with ideas for your story concept. You don't need to create exactly what it says, but instead let it spark your creativity. Make sure the story you choose is something you're excited about, and would enjoy spending time to bring to life. Then, write a down a simple logline for that story, which you can refer back to later. 

Starting Point

Spend some time gathering references, keeping everything well-organized in subfolders. When you're finished gathering images, choose a set of key images that most represent your project and use them to create a PureRef moodboard.

Thinking Visually

Begin sketching a few of your ideas. Don't worry about creating a composition that will represent any of your actual paintings, this stage is about defining what the props, characters or other elements of your scene look like. 

Big Things Have Small Beginnings

Create thumbnails of each image that will go in your sequence. When you're finished, upload your thumbnails to the Learn Squared homework gallery. 


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I couldn’t quite make out the name of the bande dessinnée artists. The one I was looking for seemed to be by someone called Tarkan with a series called L’en Feist de trios but I’m pretty sure I’ve got that completely wrong

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