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Particle Rendering

Lesson 4 in Houdini Particles

Lesson Information
What do we do with all of these points we’ve worked so hard to choreograph? In this lesson, we’re going to explore the many ways to render particles, and we’ll look at tip and tricks to create some interesting effects through rendering with Mantra.

The brief is “transformation.” Use all your particle and Houdini knowledge to create fully animated, rendered and realized version of a shot based around this concept.

Extra Credit

Capture the Flag. Make a particle system that plays a virtual game of “capture the flag.” Create two teams, each with a goal to capture the other’s flag. Get as complicated as you want, adding obstacles, giving particles the ability to shoot and kill their enemies, and creating different logic systems to run the game.


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Lesson Plan

Homework can be cool.

Check out some of the amazing work Particle Rendering students have created by doing their homework.