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Intro to Particles

Lesson 2 in Houdini Particles

Lesson Information
We’re going to dive into Houdini’s POP network and learn the basics of particle simulations. Here, you’ll become familiar with the core components of our dynamics system, including emitters, forces, colliders, and more. We’ll then use these skills to take into the next lesson to create more advanced systems.

Create one or all of the following particle systems:

  • Fireworks system that mimics real-world references
  • Tree or vine system that can produce usable uv’d mesh
Extra Credit

Create a bullet and debris system using POP and SOP solvers:

  • Have an easy-to use interface with artistic control
  • Cause damage to item hit by bullets (procedural bullet holes, dents, etc)
  • Create pieces of debris that emit from the hit locations

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