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Time-Based Solvers

Lesson 1 in Houdini Particles

Lesson Information
Before getting into Houdini’s POPs particle network, we’re going to learn what’s happening under the hood by building several of our own time-based solvers from scratch. This will provide a great fundamental understanding of simulation environments, data, and how to add your own functionality to built-in Houdini solvers.

Create your own geometry solver to do an interesting time-based effect. You can combine this with tools learned in this lesson or create something completely unique and original. Growing patterns, cellular division, and morphng effects are all examples of things you can try and tackle.

Extra Credit

You are an archer up against an army of orcs. Use your particle system to create a simulation which launches a volley of arrows into the air with the correct aim and velocity to hit your target objects. Use the real-world physics formula d = v0 + 1/2 * at²


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EDITED: Ok, so after watching that 1st video it became clear that beginning is swaped with the end. Whoever edited this video deserve one gift less this Christmas :D
"I believe one or more videos are missing at the beginning of 'homemade particle system', 1st lesson ;)"

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