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Particle Choreography

Lesson 3 in Houdini Particles

Lesson Information
Now that we know the basics, let’s learn the finer points of particle simulation: control. In this lesson we’ll learn how to control timing, influence direction and flow, and learn more elaborate ways of directing our particle systems.

Pick one (or both of the following)

Using POPS, create a procedural rain system, with small splashes, trails, and dripping effects. Focus on the state changes necessary to create this complex system.

Using POPS and SOPS, create a sparks system that detects collisions between objects and outputs a variety of sparks from those collision locations. Final output should be renderable lines (or curves). Extra points for accounting for curved motion blur to get truly believable sparks.

Extra Credit

Create a shape-morphing simulation. The sim should move between 3 different shapes of animated objects. The motion should smoothly ease in and out of each morph state, and show a gradual morph, rather than the entire object morphing at the same frame.


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