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Core Concepts

Lesson 1 in Houdini Procedural Foundations

Lesson Information
The most daunting step of learning a software like Houdini is often taking the first step. In this first lesson, Adam will focus on the key concepts you'll need to understand as a foundation to working in Houdini. You'll learn how to navigate the UI, organize your project, and get familiar with some procedural modeling and design tools.
Create asset to build some type of procedural geometry. Should be a real-world object (ie. car tire and hubcap).
Asset needs to be able to output many variations of your obect, and have more than one component. Objects must have some form of UVs, and have a fully-functional UI.
Extra Credit

Embed a shader network in your asset, set up base materials, and expose user parameters. Add node guides and handles where appropriate.


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Just made my first fully procedural candle model.

I had some issues getting the base beneath the candle stick because of a weird scale channel references... ultimately I just piled all of the top parts of the candle within a single geo node.

However, it was a good challenge to get familiar with HSCRIPT, the interface, channel references, different nodes, developing my first subnet, and learning how to think procedurally!

I look forward to continuing this course.


It took me to draw it to figure it out !

Say you have a 6 cm cube to place on the floor.
the YMIN value of it now is at -3 cm the center of the cube is at 0.
So you want the YMIN to be at 0, what do we do ?

You can either take the : D_YSIZE / 2 or the : - D_YMIN
You have to tell the Y position to be equal to : - bbox D_Ymin
which means -(-3) so : +3 cm above the floor.
Or tell the Y size divided by 2
which means 6/2 = 3


A few of the video parts are not loading up any image, only sound. Is this happening to anyone else?

EDIT: All cleared up! To other users, make sure your 3rd party browser extensions are off as they can potentially interfere with video playback.

That's just to make sure everything is well organised! if you want you can put a geo node and create all your wheels inside that folder but you gotta make sure that your bbox expression paths are pointing to ../../

Lesson Plan