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Core Concepts

Lesson 1 of 4 Houdini Procedural Foundations

The most daunting step of learning a software like Houdini is often taking the first step. In this first lesson, Adam will focus on the key concepts you'll need to understand as a foundation to working in Houdini. You'll learn how to navigate the UI, organize your project, and get familiar with some procedural modeling and design tools.
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  • Assignment

    Create asset to build some type of procedural geometry. Should be a real-world object (ie. car tire and hubcap).
    Asset needs to be able to output many variations of your obect, and have more than one component. Objects must have some form of UVs, and have a fully-functional UI.
  • Extra Credit

    Embed a shader network in your asset, set up base materials, and expose user parameters. Add node guides and handles where appropriate.

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