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Houdini Procedural Foundations

  • instructor

- Adam Swaab

  • apprentice

- Robert Hodgin

Houdini is one of the most intimidating pieces of software out there, but it doesn’t have to be! Industry-leading artist and creative director Adam Swaab breaks it down for you in an easy and accessible way. He’ll take you through the foundations of the program, getting you started on making your first mind-blowing procedural images in Houdini.

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Houdini Procedural Foundations

So I didn't actually create this in houdini but I learned so much about 3D software and how to think procedurally from this course that I thought I'd post it in this section's homework..

I learned a lot about how to easily manipulate 3D geometry to get a really cool look.

The thought process behind the copy to points node/group node/ sub divide node/ particle node/ and for each node can very easily be transferred to other softwares to get the look you want..

I struggled a little bit with getting the atmospheric persepective down.. it seems the foreground and background blend together too much... but eh whatever... Just wanted to get something exported to feed it to the wolves lol...

Also I wasn't super concerned with composition.. I was just trying to flow and see what came out...

(also working with attributes/variables/VOP network is always good experience learning how softwares think.. it's an easy way to find shortcuts to get what you want)

Thanks Swaab!

Just made my first fully procedural candle model.

I had some issues getting the base beneath the candle stick because of a weird scale channel references... ultimately I just piled all of the top parts of the candle within a single geo node.

Also, is it possible to put different UV textures on different primitives and then merge them together? I had difficulty coloring the candle...

However, it was a good challenge to get familiar with HSCRIPT, the interface, channel references, different nodes, UV mapping, developing my first subnet, and learning how to think procedurally!

I look forward to continuing this course.


Made a procedural chair for my first Houdini asset. It works pretty well. Challenging but rewarding. I made a UI so the chair seat pan height drives the leg length. Same for the seat back. The seat back cutout can be adjusted as well. Excited to see what comes next!

Just some cans.

The best class I've ever had.

- Minhyung Chun

I wanted the geo to have elements that would actually be found on a rooftop, but have a somewhat timeless feel.

Here is some of my work modeling New York city with the greeble tool from Adam's video. I used different groups to space out the density and building types for each neighborhood of Manhattan.

Still learning rendering so this is just a simple skylight. The lesson has been really fun!

Yeah, it's been slow progress just because I've been super busy with actual work.
I'll give this some texture and maybe update it a bit.

Lessons in this Course

Software Used: 
Houdini Version 15.5 [Free Apprentice or Indie versions acceptable!]
Optional Software: 
NukeX 10.0v2 Non-commercial