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Houdini Procedural Foundations

  • instructor

- Adam Swaab

  • apprentice

- Robert Hodgin

Houdini is one of the most intimidating pieces of software out there, but it doesn’t have to be! Industry-leading artist and creative director Adam Swaab breaks it down for you in an easy and accessible way. He’ll take you through the foundations of the program, getting you started on making your first mind-blowing procedural images in Houdini.

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Student Gallery

Houdini Procedural Foundations

Just some cans.

I wanted the geo to have elements that would actually be found on a rooftop, but have a somewhat timeless feel.

Here is some of my work modeling New York city with the greeble tool from Adam's video. I used different groups to space out the density and building types for each neighborhood of Manhattan.

Still learning rendering so this is just a simple skylight. The lesson has been really fun!

Yeah, it's been slow progress just because I've been super busy with actual work.
I'll give this some texture and maybe update it a bit.

Since taking this class, I've learned a new program, new processes to do things, and new ways to see. Gonna keep at it!

- Jeany Ngo

My first stair asset. Still don't know how to close the sides, but the asset works good.

I have been taking some other procedural modelling tutorials to learn how to bring assets into Unity and Unreal so that's what I've done here, including auto collision mesh and UVs and space for Substance textures. But realised I was spending too much time on this and want to move on to learn other techniques. Progress videos are here:


Starfighter HDA. Mostly just starting from simple geometry and poly extruding specific faces. I separated the windshield from the body so i could texture them differently. I had the most trouble with selecting the face using numbers, but wanting to make an edit or extrude upstream and it changing the number of faces causing all consecutive extrudes to break. Anyone with a better way of grouping (I'm aware of the group node's selection options) please let me know!

Lessons in this Course

Software Used: 
Houdini Version 15.5 [Free Apprentice or Indie versions acceptable!]
Optional Software: 
NukeX 10.0v2 Non-commercial