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Lesson 4

AE Compositing

  • instructor

- Michael Rigley

  • apprentice

- Ash Thorp

  • apprentice
  • basic

- Peter Clark

This week, all of your hard work will come together. Once you’ve brought your multipass renders into After Effects, Michael will show you how to push and pull the details out of the image, creating professional composites and defining the final look for the project.


1. Build your comps
2. Work with footage
3. Color + effect
4. Finalize frames
Extra Credit
1. Finalize deck
2. Post to portfolio

Student Gallery

Here are my frames for the Metric project, the idea is that the cube is forming while cooling down from the energy of the structure. I wanted to explore the beauty of simplicity through simple lighting and materials. Learnt so much doing this course, thanks Michael!

This is the second time around for me on the course. I'm going to do the animation course, but I wanted to start with a fresh project rather than using the original one. So here are my 8 style frames, progress and references.

Ignition - Transformation - Action

Here's a look at my final frames. The first few are based on Michael's lighting and comping. The following ones are based on my concept of terraforming on a desert planet.

Learn Squared is an invaluable resource to artists of all skill levels.

- Volen CK

The goal here was to use After Effects to really push and differentiate the looks in comp, to give very different atmospheres for each. I love strong colors and wanted a comic book sci-fi intensity.

Hi Everyone! Here you can find my final frames!

Here's the final frames, they're ok but nowhere near where I wanted them to be.
I definitely got more out of the first two lessons, I've really seen where my workflow is lacking and what a big gap there is to step up to a pro level.
One of the biggest challenges has been the creative deck and just laying that out, I've managed to move from doing it in illustrator initially, to getting my head round the basics of indesign eventually.

Hopefully I'll update this final work as I complete the actual animation.
I'll definitely be using this process to apply to other projects.

Lessons in this Course

Software Used: 
Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects, Octane Render, X-Particles
Optional Software: 
GenArts Sapphire, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Bridge

Quick question on your AE structure. In the provided example, you have a "CC" folder under "COMPS." What is that folder for?

Definitely looking forward to the new courses in the near future!

Btw: I can't seem to download the Lesson 4 Files. Nothing happens when I click on the button

Great class - great price! Totally worth it!