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Intro to Procedural Systems in C4D

Lesson 2 in Design for Production: Workflow

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Get ready to dive headfirst into Cinema 4D! Put Michael’s procedural workflow principles into practice by adding complexity to the geometric form created in the previous lesson. You’ll also learn the basics of X-Particles, allowing you to create complex particle systems to integrate with Cinema 4D’s mograph tools.

Build your geometry using Poly FX, X-Particles, and Clones.

Extra Credit

Update your deck and create 3 case studies of components.


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Hello Intro to Procedural Systems in C4D squad,

This course looks fantastic! Can't wait to start :) This all looks great but I would love to be able to use real data in connection with this. So how would you go about creating a data visualization (not necessarily animated) with a large set of data? Thanks!

Loving the class dude! Just a small thing I noticed when you're splitting out the random effectors. If you tick "absolute scale," the clones will only scale in the positive direction, never getting smaller. That should save some time!

Great stuff so far! Having an issue though In Ash's journey (lesson 02) at about 39:00. You've added another cloner with spline & using the tracer object. How do you get that to show when you render? I'm using a hair material & it is rendering the original spline just fine .. but I can't figure out how to get the extra stuff to render.

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