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Getting Started

Lesson 1 in Design for Production: Workflow

Lesson Information
1. Storyboard Sketches
2. Pull ref: 8-12 images
3. Create base geo
Extra Credit

1. Create narrative
2. Three variations of the geo
3. Create a deck



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Hi Michael,

Just to let you know that I have started the course and so far I think this is great. Your way of explaining things is extremely good and I am enjoying it a lot. So far I have only done the 1st chapter, cant wait to get into the other ones :) I see you have another one, but I am not so much into animation as into creating great looking still frames. Looking forward to more like this one .....

One thing I think already mentioned to someone within learnsquared, is the possibility of getting discount for some of the license software that is needed in the courses learnsquared offers. For example, I dont have Xparticles yet, only the demo version. It would be great if you could get agreements with these companies to offer a kind of student discount if you get their software though your courses. Just an idea.

Thanks again !

Because of my busy schedule, I began to watch Getting Started section today,
but after I paused it a hour ago, the section looks like LOCKED. Other three sections are playable.

How can I keep watching Getting Started tutorial videos?

Lesson Plan