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Design for Production: Workflow

  • instructor

- Michael Rigley

  • apprentice

- Ash Thorp

  • apprentice
  • basic

- Peter Clark

Learn to create compelling, production-ready styleframes in Cinema 4D and After Effects with award-winning art director Michael Rigley. Michael will guide you through his entire creative process, from interpreting a project brief, all the way through procedurally generating and rendering complex 3D scenes. Students can expect a high level look at the creative and design processes, walking away with some solid portfolio work as well as a fundamental understanding of professional workflow.

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Design for Production: Workflow

I finally got around to finishing the assignment. I'm still not 100% happy with the result, but I could work on this project forever. Had a blast learning new techniques and getting better at structuring a treatment. Still a lot to learn so onto the next project!

A year and a half later, I finally finished the assignment!

I found that the sections of long repeating parallel lines on my object were looking like heatsinks, so I gave it a little story as some kind of overheating processor, opening up and venting, giving us a glimpse at its sweet hexadecimal guts in the process.

tons of workflow crap and programs i would have never thought of trying.... PEEP DATTT!!!1

- beeple

So my story about Time. Thank you very much for this course Michael!

Here is my version of the pre production Creative Deck.

Lessons in this Course

Software Used: 
Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects, Octane Render, X-Particles
Optional Software: 
GenArts Sapphire, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Bridge