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Full Course: Unreal Engine 5 Basics

Lesson 5 of 5 Concept Art in Unreal Engine 5

Purchasers of Concept Art in UE5 also get this second beginner-friendly course in its entirety. It has been uploaded as a bonus lesson within Concept Art in UE5.

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  • Lesson 1 - Basic Scene Challenge Homework

    Build a basic scene using only the techniques you've learned so far in the course, such as creating primitive shapes, manipulating them, and setting materials. Do not worry about making a masterpiece at this point, as the main objective here is to get comfortable with the new tools you've learned. Experiment and have fun! 

  • Lesson 2 - Assets Homework

    Try adding assets from Quixel or Epic Marketplace into a basic scene. Next, try adding in a custom asset, whether from an outside site like Sketchfab, or something you've created yourself. Finally, try replacing some of the shapes you laid out in the earlier Basic Scene Challenge Homework with these assets.

    For extra credit, try replacing everything created in your Basic Scene Challenge Homework with assets! 

  • Lesson 2 - Basic Lighting Challenge Homework

    For this challenge, bring a free environment from the UE Marketplace into your scene. Then remove or hide all the existing lights, and re-light the scene using the techniques you learned in this lesson. Have fun experimenting with different styles and ideas!

    If you'd like to use the environment Ellie used, it's called Downtown West Modular Pack.

  • Lesson 3 - Camera Challenge Homework

    Frame your own shots within the scene you re-lit during the previous challenge. Experiment with different focal lengths, framing, and camera settings.

    For extra credit, try customizing the lighting of your scene and placement of assets to work best with your shots, tying together what you've learned in the three challenges so far!

  • Lesson 4 - Post-Processing Homework

    Using the scene that you used for the camera challenge, add in and experiment with the Post-Process Volume. Try different effects, and get comfortable using them. 

  • Lesson 5 - Landscape Challenge Homework

    Sculpt a landscape of your own, add in the landscape material provided in this lesson's downloadable project files, and then add in foliage. 

  • Lesson 6 - Sequencer Homework

    First, render out a still image of a scene of your choosing. Then, try creating a simple animation on an asset. Finally, animate your camera moving.

    For extra credit, combine an animated asset and moving camera for a more dynamic shot!

  • Lesson 7 - HDRI Homework

    For this homework, set up an HDRI in your scene. You can use resources like Poly Haven to get excellent, high-quality HDRIs for use in your project.

    For extra credit, try a few types of HDRI to see how they impact your scene differently. 

  • Lesson 8 - Customized Materials Challenge Homework

    For this challenge, take a scene using Quixel assets, and change the feel of that scene through altering its material instance settings. This might include changing roughness to make a dry scene feel rainy, or altering colors to make a forest feel like it's on an alien planet. Have fun experimenting with different ideas! 

  • Lesson 9 - MetaHumans Challenge Homework

    Bring a MetaHuman into Unreal, pose the character and integrate it into your scene. This scene can be as simple or as complex as you feel comfortable creating. For this challenge, you will be utilizing all the techniques you've learned throughout the course, such as asset placement, lighting, cameras and more, to create the best image possible. Finally, render out a finished frame of that scene with your posed MetaHuman. 

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