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Lesson 4 of 5 Concept Art in Unreal Engine 5

In this lesson, you'll take your still frame render into Photoshop and create your final paintover, using 2D techniques to boost various elements of the image. 

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  • Initial Corrections Homework

    Bring your still render into Photoshop and begin doing any color corrections you think are necessary. You may need to take some time after the render stage before beginning this homework, in order to see your art with a fresh pair of eyes. 

  • Photobashing Homework

    Add any photobash elements you think are needed in your images. Try to make sure the photos you source from have compatible lighting, angles and general coloration to the scene you're creating. 

  • Final Touches Homework

    Make any final changes needed for your image. Try taking a break before starting this homework to see your art with fresh eyes. At the end of this assignment, you will have a finished piece of concept art, ready for your portfolio. 

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