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Lesson 3 of 5 Concept Art in Unreal Engine 5

In this lesson, you will craft your main hero element, add any finishing touches, and finally render out still image and cinematic versions of your scene. 

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  • Hero Element Homework

    Create the hero element for your scene. Take as much time as you need for this part of the process, making sure to check back and forth between your hero element's details and the full scene from your camera view. The hero element should be mostly (but not necessarily fully) finished at the end of this homework. You'll still have a chance to make final changes later. 

  • Detail Elements Homework

    Add in any more detail elements and set dressing needed for your scene, now that the hero element has been created. By the end of this homework your scene should be nearly ready to render.

  • Post-Processing Update Homework

    Now that you've added everything into your scene, take another look at your post-processing and effects. You may find that the feel of the scene has changed, or settings need to be altered for the best effect. 

  • Last Looks Homework

    In this homework, you will make any absolute last changes to your scene before rendering. These changes may be large or small, depending on what you think is needed. The goal is to have a scene that's completely ready to render by the end of this assignment. 

  • Rendering Homework

    For this homework, you will render out your scene as a high-resolution still image.

    For extra credit, render out a cinematic as well. Combined with the still image, this will look great on your portfolio!

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